Friday, November 12

On the Road

It has been a while since my last post.  Since then I have driven to the DC are, flown across the Atlantic, and stayed at numerous places in Ireland (more detail here).  All this travel has kept me busy, but airplane, train and bus rides are excellent opportunities to knit.

I am still working on a project I started before leaving the States.  I think of it as my jester scarf because it has such bold colors and odd shapes.  It is based on the Carolus Rib Entrelac Scarf by Andrea Krüß-Anders I found on Ravelry.  I loved the different shape of the blocks forming each row, and I wanted to make the shape more obvious.  I also wanted a multi colored scarf.  After some figuring, I discovered that entrelac lends itself to a three ball rotation.  I debated using 6 balls, three of each color, in order to create a two-color scarf.  I didn't like that idea as much as using three colors.  I pulled two colors from my stash and purchased a third color of the same yarn.  I love the way it is turning out.  As my first entrelac project, I am surprised at how quickly it grows and how easy it is once you have the rhythm.  Frequently, I will find myself staying at it for 'just one more block' realizing it only when I reach the end of the row.

I have worked on one other quick project while I've been here.  I designed it one night after coming back to my trailer at the end of the day and knitted it the next day in the car.  I wanted a sky blue neck wrap.  I found that I had accidentally included the remains of the ball of yarn I used for my nephew's hat in my travel stash.  A little bit of experimenting and minimal frogging, and I came up with the pattern for this.  I call it Throat Chakra.  I still need to wash it and find a way to block it.  I may make some modifications to the pattern to help reduce some of the curling in the lacy ends.